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Driverless Cars Might Follow the Rules of the Road, but What About the Language of Driving?

October 31, 2018
Author: Abdesalam Soudi, University of Pittsburgh

Although autonomous cars possess an incredibly intelligent computer along with LIDAR technology,…

Are Self-Driving Cars the Future of Mobility for Disabled People?

October 03, 2018
Author: Srikanth Saripalli, Texas A&M University

Self-driving cars could revolutionize how disabled people get around their communities and…

Math Explains Why Your Bus Route Seems So Unreliable

September 03, 2018
Author: Vikash V. Gayah, Pennsylvania State University and S. Ilgin Guler, Pennsylvania State University

Waiting at a bus stop is both frustrating and inconvenient for all riders.  Technology…

Self-Driving Cars and Humans Face Inevitable Collisions

August 24, 2018
Author: Professor Peter Hancock, University of Central Florida

Self-driving cars and human-driven vehicles are bound to collide as technology improves. 

Even Self-Driving Cars Need Driver Education

August 10, 2018
Author: Johanna Zmud, Texas A&M University

Just like inexperienced drivers, self-driving cars must learn how to operate vehicles.  In…

Brain-to-Vehicle Technology Used for Safer Driving

July 18, 2018
Author: Emily Lane

Vehicles are becoming smarter, and advancements in neuroscience are helping the communication…

How to Safeguard Vulnerable Metro Systems Against Terrorist Attacks

July 16, 2018
Author: Kartikeya Tripathi, University College London and Hervé Borrion, University College London

Train stations encounter millions of people daily but often lack the necessary high…

Are Autonomous Cars Really Safer Than Human Drivers?

July 11, 2018
Author: Professor Peter Hancock, University of Central Florida

Most of the excitement surrounding autonomous cars is centered around…

The Future of Augmented Reality in Rail

July 09, 2018
Author: Jacob Bartek, Emily Lane

Augmented Reality has the opportunity to transform all aspects of the rail industry, most…

The Inevitable Danger of Bus Blind Spots

July 06, 2018
Author: Jacob Bartek, Emily Lane

Bus blind spots have been a continual threat to both pedestrians and cyclists, but with…

Intelligent Intersection Technology Using Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication to Save Lives

July 04, 2018
Author: Jacob Bartek, Emily Lane

Automotive provider Continental Corp. is set for a real-world test of their intelligent…

Seven Rail Technologies Set to Transform the Industry in 2018

July 02, 2018
Author: Jacob Bartek, Emily Lane

Seven vital technologies are set to reshape rail in 2018. Collectively, these technologies…